Thursday, March 19, 2009


I want to say a huge "THANK YOU" to all my friends and family that have stepped up to help out during the last few months.

I've been very private about what has happened, but realize that it isn't exactly fair to people that have been close to me. I kind of just disappeared and left some people wondering, "what the hell happened to B?"

Without going into too much detail I will just say that I was diagnosed with cancer in January and have been undergoing treatment. I hope to return to racing and leading Team Integrate later in the year, but for now, I will be concentrating on getting well and taking care of my family.

TFW has been a great way for me to let my goofy-ass side to run around free. I have the feeling I'll be needing that kind of outlet over the next couple of months.

Again, thanks for all your support and being understanding as I took some time to collect myself.

Thanks for reading. Check back for more TFW foolishness soon!



Manley Man said...

Sorry to hear about this. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Get well soon!

Flandria said...

Hey will get well!

Let me know if you need anything...seriously...:-) Cooked meals etc.

take care,

velogirl said...

love to you. let me know if you need anything (been there, done that, 3 times now). I've got big ears.


chatterbox said...

Wow, Brain. Take care and hang in there.

Chris said...

Get well buddy.

CyclistRick said...

Hey B,

Sorry to hear that. Was wondering why we had not seen or heard from you for a while. Take care, and fight it off. Thoughts and prayers are with you; get well.

TreBone said...

Again, a huge THANKS to all of you. See you all on the roads, at the races and in the blogosphere once I get this thing beat.

nicnic said...

Hey B, just kick its booty! Sending lots of love and strength your way.